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      Jocelyn Navarro

      UV Care Germ Stick

      Prosy Delacruz
      Pesky mold on the window sill

      I used the UV care stick and in a few minutes, saw the mold disappearing as color went from black to light gray. After a few minutes, I took sani wipes and the mold came off easily, no scrubbing needed. That was my visible indication it works.

      Ken C
      The Perfect Portable Sanitizer

      This is the UV Care Germ Stick that you want, look no further because this is a real UVC Portable Sanitizer. Just look at the pictures I have attached, as you can see there is a UV-C Test Card, and a UV Test card. As you can see the UV Care Germ stick is illuminating the circle of the UV-C test card proving that this Sanitizer is a real UVC Product. If you look at the UV Card it also illuminates proving that this wand also emits UV Light. UV is divided into three types with reducing wavelengths and increasing energy. They are UVA, UVB and UVC. For UV sterilization, only UVC (100-280 nm) has high enough energy to effectively kill microorganisms. When you are shopping for a UV sterilization product to try in your home or business, make sure that its UV wavelength falls in the range of UVC (100-280 nm). I have bought two other UV Sterilizers and when I tested the lights only the UV card turned purple, the UV-C card did not illuminate green even though one of them said it had a wavelength of 267 nm I did not know the wavelength of the other portable wand I had purchased, needless to say I have returned both of them.. So don't waist your time and money with the other products the UV Care Germ Stick and the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer both have a wavelength of 253.7 nm, and pass the test.. So UV Care USA is where you want to spend your money because you can feel confident that there products are real UV Sterilizers that will work and keep you safe. You can also rely on their customer service, I had been in contact with them about the testing and they actually purchased the same test cards that I got from Amazon and did their own testing before I even ordered the Germ Stick they sent me the results, and their UVC light illuminated the UV-C Card. I was assured that if I was not happy with my purchase I could return it for a full refund. I ordered the Germ Stick and as you can see from the pictures I attached. I now own a real UVC Sanitizer. I am a satisfied customer.
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